Hanyu Translation

Chinese to English translation for marketing, business and media

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I provide translation, website translation, transcreation, subtitling and transcription services. I also offer many additional services to fit clients' individual needs, including working with non-standard document types, adding time codes, transcribing recordings or interviews or creating special formatting to meet specific industry guidlines.  
At Hanyu Translation, I offer a variety of rates to fit your needs and budget. Chinese to English translation quotes can be based on a source document's character count or the final target word count, and I also offer hourly rates. Please see the pricing page for more details.
I spent over seven years  studying, translating and interpreting in China, and I have extensive knowledge of cultural and business practices in Mandarin speaking areas. As a native of the United States and a Columbia University graduate degree holder, I am uniquely positioned to create effective messaging in English-speaking markets.
I am happy to serve you wherever in the world you may be located; I work with clients in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Europe and several countries in southeast Asia. Contact me to discuss what language services are best suited for your needs.

Why Choose me?


Unlike large translation agencies that handle hundreds of languages, I work exclusively from Chinese to English. Because of this, I am able to maintain the precise tone and meaning of you Chinese content while tailoring it for an English speaking audience, helping you deliver your message in exactly the way you want to say it.