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Chinese to English translation for marketing, business and media

Translation and Transcreation

Whether it's a customer survey, academic article, interview, or corporate website, I offer fast, reliable, professional translation services.


I provide accurate subtitling that is both targeted at your core audience and customized to fit your individual project needs.

Certified Translation

As an ATA Certified Translator, I provide official translation for a range of immigration, school, and financial documents.

Language Services

Additional services include English language voice over, website translation, transcription, and consulting.

Translation and Transcreation

I have experience translating many different types of written documents with all levels of complexity. Chinese to English translation services include providing content summaries, editing, and proofreading. I also specialize in a form of adaptive translation called transcreation. What exactly is transcreation?

My areas of expertise include:


Corporate communications

Internet Technology

Market research

Television and media

Video and mobile gaming

Cosmetics and beauty products

Visa-related documents

Green energy


Academic articles (politics, literature, history)



I provide accurate Chinese and English subtitling that is both targeted at your core audience and sets the correct tone based on genre, editing and story-telling modes. I have translated hundreds of hours of documentaries, news programs, interviews, TV dramas, and feature films. I am experienced with a range of software, including Annotation Edit and MacCaption, in addition to subtitling templates such as the Netflix style guide. Programs, films, and documentaries I have worked on include:

Wangdrak's Rain Boots (2017, dir. Lhapal Gyal, Official Selection, 2018 Berlin International Film Festival)

The Boys and the Donkey (2021, dir. Tsering Yangjyab)

Crossroads by Giorgio Armani (series, 2022)

They Come for Us at Night: China's Vanishing Muslims (Vice News Tonight)

The Divorce Lawyers (Season 1)

A Face in the Crowd (VICE)

Year of the Dog (Vice News Tonight)

The Cost of Living (VICE Season Six)

China & Uighurs (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver)

Adidas Tango Squad Season Two

NYC’s Hidden Shaobing Stall - Word of Mouth (VICE Video)

Chinese Women are Getting Rich by Simply Livestreaming Their Days (Vice News Tonight) 

China's Hottest Boy Band is Made Up of All Girls (Vice News Tonight)  

AI Sex Dolls are Driving China's Sexual Revolution (Vice News Tonight) 

Certified Translations and Official Translations

As an ATA Certified Translator (Chinese into English), I provide official translation and certified translation for documents to be used in the United States for submission to schools, immigration authorities, professional licensing agencies, banks and insurance companies. Materials for which I can provide Certified Translations include:

Birth certificates


Drivers licenses

Adoption certificates

School transcripts

Death certificates



ID cards

Green cards

Marriage certificates

Why choose me? 我的竞争优势 

Unlike large translation firms that handle hundreds of languages, I work exclusively from Chinese to English. Because of this, I am able to maintain the precise tone and meaning of your Chinese content, while tailoring it for an English-speaking audience.

I will give you the exact turnaround time, the exact rate, and the exact materials needed to complete your translation. I use the latest in translation software for all Chinese to English translation projects, and I am adept at working with MemoQ, SDL Trados, Wordfast, and subtitling file formats, 

Whether you are looking for Chinese to English customized content directed at a specific audience, a certified one-page translation, or a summary of large volumes of content, I can deliver your translation  and message in exactly the way you want to say it.

Language Services


Voice-over work

I have been creating quality professional English language voice recordings from my in-home voice studio since 2015. My largest ongoing project has included all broadcasting for the Gansu Province high-speed rail system in China. Services include IVR, advertisements, presentations, and audiobooks.



I am highly experienced in transcription and translation of Chinese audio into English. I provide transcription/ translation services based on your needs, whether it's transcription of Chinese audio only, English translation only, a summary of content, or adding time codes. Please contact me for a quote.


Language Consulting

Thanks to my experience in marketing and finance offices in both New York and Los Angeles, I can offer more than just Chinese to English translation; I can work with you or your company to best determine what content needs to be translated or transcreated and what markets and audiences would be the best fit.

Website translation and online work:


Compared to other translators, Laura stands out as being very patient, responsive, and responsible.

Very professional. Fast response and fast turnaround time, very professional! Keep up the excellent work! Thank you, Laura!

Laura is very professional, surprisingly fast turnaround time, was able to understand my needs and provide help.


Received an email reply very quickly. Received document on time exactly when promised.

I have been very satisfied with her prompt response and very quick turnaround job. Excellent!!! I highly recommend!


Rates can usually be set based on the source character count or target English word count (exceptions include source file formats that prohibit accurate character counts). I also have hourly rates for special services such as editing, consulting, on-site work and survey translations. 

Please note that rates are subject to change based on the details of the specific project. A sample of my average rates are listed below, but please contact me and I'll be happy to give you an exact quote.

Chinese to English Translation
Translation from source language (Simplified or Traditional Chinese) into target language (US English or UK English)$0.16 per word (English)
$0.13 per character (Chinese)
$55.00 per hour
Two-copy editing and proofreading
Includes consultation of source and target language copies to ensure accuracy, smoothness and flow$0.10 per character (Chinese) / $55.00 per hour
ProofreadingEditing of translated English text only $0.07 per word (English) / $55.00 per hour
Formatted English subtitling added to Chinese language video/mp4 files, with addition of time codes, dual language titles, etc.$9.00 - 38.00 per minute of footage / $55.00 per hour
- Transcription + translation, Chinese to English

- Monolingual transcription (standardized Chinese)

- Monolingual translation (English)
$16.00 per minute of recording / $55.00 per hour
$9.50 per minute of recording / $55.00 per hour
$14.00 per minute of recording / $55.00 per hour
Official Documents / Certified Translations
Set fee per document type/pageStarting at $55.00 per page
Additional Charges
 - Charge for working with non-editable documents such as PDF-files, handwritten documents, etc. 
- Time coding
- Creative copy
- Rush fee
Plus 15% of base price
Plus 15% of base price
Plus 30% of base price
Plus 20-40% of base price
Minimum Fee
Minimum per-project fee$55.00


As a translator, I am always available to discuss new work and answer any questions you may have. For a quote on a specific document or project, or to discuss the language services best suited to your needs, please use the form below, or feel free to contact me via email, WeChat, or QQ.




Email: laura@hanyutranslation.com         WeChat: lauradamara
QQ: lauradamara

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